Mini Blether: Modern Football Finance v 90’s Scottish Football

Much has been made recently, or over the last 6 months or so, of the financial issues at many of Europe's top clubs. Notwithstanding the facts that every club in every country in the world has been impacted by Covid 19, the economic issues at many of the top table clubs have been set out... Continue Reading →

Mini Blether: Scottish Football’s own Closed Shop?

At the same time as the world was going absolutely bananas at the prospect of the European "Super League" where a select group of clubs play amongst themselves and hand pick or select a small number of other clubs to join them each year, while also ensuring that none of the old boys ever drop... Continue Reading →

Mini Blether: B Teams – A+ or C-?

Recent proposals to introduce Celtic and Rangers B Teams into the Scottish League system (alongside added teams from Highland and Lowland divisions) have sparked a flurry of discussion for and against the proposal. Here we take a look at the main considerations and speculate over the good, bad and the ugly impacts of such a... Continue Reading →

Football Standardisation v Football Chaos

A common theme in recent times has been for commentators, players and football fans to look back with nostalgia, through rose tinted glasses, to the days when we were all young, playing football with our friends on the street, round the park or on a proper football pitch - both informally and formally. Many lament... Continue Reading →

Mini Blether: Israel v Scotland, blip or bust?

Scotland whimpered to a 2-1 defeat away to Israel. A disappointing performance on a number of levels. There's the disappointment in losing of course, within the Nations League set up and after a positive win over Albania, progress in the competition suddenly looks more challenging while the threat of relegation also now appears an option... Continue Reading →

Mini Blether – Modern Day Strikers

A number 9. If nothing else, that otherwise simple number is personified by generations of goalscorers, strikers, poachers. There have been quite a few articles, recent discussions and opinions offered concerning the modern day absence of this type of player within top level football. There are examples around, Lewandowski of Bayern and Poland for example or... Continue Reading →

Scotland v Belgium – Ce n’etais pas bien

Scotland 0-4 Belgium. A bit of a doing for our boys in blue. There will be much written about Scotland's heaviest home defeat since the 1970's. Some will label and describe an "embarrassing" or "shambolic" performance where an incoherent Scotland side gave away possession and goals needlessly and were rightly punished by a top ranked... Continue Reading →

Coach Surfing – Innovation or Bust?

There have been a number of articles and publications over the past few years outlining the success and progression of British football coaches working in far flung corners of the globe, out of the spotlight of the UK Media but still managing to make some progression in the coaching world. Higher profile cases include Graham... Continue Reading →

A Fan’s Football Quest – Comparisons

Over the past year, I have travelled and paid to watch football at a variety of different levels. These include Scottish Championship, Scottish Premiership, Scotland International (and England International), English Premiership, Czech First league and the Second Tier of Czech Football. I have previously written about my Dilemma in terms of swapping regular attendance at... Continue Reading →

The Supporter’s Dilemma

Since roughly 2001, as a fresh/acne faced teenager I have been making the trip to Hampden Park for Scotland home games. Initially with a large group of friends, taking the train through, blagging our way into Vicky Wine for a few cheeky pre-match cans and revelling in being part of the "Tartan Army" with all... Continue Reading →

Tradition versus Finance, Hampden versus Moving

The Scottish Football Association have recently announced their plans to review their current lease on Hampden Park, due to expire in 2020. The review has come amidst outcry from owners Queens Park FC, fan opinion and of course the background of a “business” decision with regard to what is best, financially, for the organisation. At... Continue Reading →

Brief Comparison of British Football

Football fans need rivalries. Whether watching teams at the lower end of the league system such as Linlithgow Rose v Bo'Ness United or games at the very top such as Barcelona v Real Madrid; rivalries add to the fan's experience, add interest, add passion and add a point of reference as well. Scotland have England.... Continue Reading →

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